Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

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This 75-minute CD by Todd Smith is bursting at the seams with Real World, Practical, MONEY-MAKING information to move you from a WANNABE Investor to becoming a Real Life Real Estate Investor…

In his typical candid, and entertaining style, Todd covers the following topics in this CD course…

  1. The Fast Track to Making Money With No Knowledge, Experience, Money, or Credit
  2. Several Ways to Make Money Doing Business With Todd (or a Trustworthy, Expert Investor in Your Local Area)
  3. How to Make Money Even if You’re Too Scared to Write Offers
  4. Todd’s Three (3) Definitions of a “Sufficiently” Motivated Seller
  5. Getting the Proper Education
  6. How Using Real Estate Forms Can Get You into Trouble
  7. How to NOT Misuse Real Estate Forms
  8. How to Get Your Initial Real Estate Investment Education for FREE
  9. Preparing Yourself Before You Talk to an Expert or Mentor
  10. How to Determine Which Real Estate Courses You Should Buy
  11. Selecting a Financial Game Plan
  12. Different Levels of Financial Goals
  13. Taking a Personal Inventory of Both Your Financial AND Non-Financial Resources
  14. The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Next Property
  15. How to Determine Your Exit Strategy Based on Your Resources
  16. How Greed Can Keep a Wanna-Be Investor Broke, or Hinder an Advanced Investor’s Income
  17. How Experienced Investors Cheat Themselves By Being Too “Smart”
  18. Reasons Why You Should NOT Borrow Money From Private Individuals to Get Started
  19. The Three (3) Different Types of Neighborhoods
  20. The Basic Steps to Wholesaling Deals Like a Pro
  21. Why You Should Never Use Tax Values to Determine Property Values
  22. Three (3) Software Systems to Determine Property Values
  23. Why You Should Never Use Free Internet Websites to Determine Property Values
  24. How to Work With a Real Estate Agent to Get Property Values
  25. The Truth About Determining What a Property Will Rent for in a Certain Neighborhood

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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing
75 Minute, 1-CD Course

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