1-On-1 Real Estate Investing Coaching

1-On-1 Real Estate Investing Coaching …
If I Can Help the People in This Video Below Make Money in Real Estate Investing, Without Using Their Own Cash or Credit…
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PARTIAL List of Things I Do for My Students…

NOTE: This is an immersion program, meaning we are actually DOING things, not just teaching / learning, so every student will not necessarily cover all aspects. Everything is covered or dealt with on an as-needed basis, depending on the leads generated and the deals we work on.

For example, if I was a surgeon preparing to teach doctors how to do brain surgery, then the ambulance brings a guy comes into the emergency room with a heart attack, then that kinda takes priority, right ๐Ÿ˜‰

So we work with the leads and property situations we are presented with. Some deals require private money, some don’t. Some deals are better used as rental properties, while others can be wholesaled, retailed, seller financed, taken subject-to, lease optioned, optioned, etc.

Training System

  1. Provide Complete ACCESS to my Private Coaching Video Library consisting of 79 videos and over 15 Hours of Step-By-Step Instructions on the Day-to-Day Details of Running Your Business
  2. Share My Proprietary Coaching Manual with 80+ Forms, Documents, Contracts, Marketing Pieces, Scripts, Checklists, etc.
  3. Provide Free entry to my monthly Columbus Property Investors Association (CPIA) meetings
  4. Provide Free Access to My Specialized Training Programs Which I Sell Separately to Non-Coaching Students
  5. Require Most students meet with me either in Person or by Phone a Minimum of 1-2 hours per week
  6. Require you to stay in Daily Contact with me, to avoid you getting off track, and hold you accountable
  7. Anytime we are in a situation that I don’t have a script, document, or marketing piece for, then I create a new one just for you
  8. And Much More !!

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Training on the Following Buying and Exit Strategies (some may overlap)

  1. Buying and Holding Rentals
  2. Buying for Cash (even when you have none)
  3. Contract for Deed
  4. Fixing and Flipping
  5. Flipping without Fixing
  6. Land Contracts
  7. Landlording
  8. Lease Options
  9. Lease Purchase
  10. Lease With Option to Buy
  11. Options
  12. Property Management
  13. Raising Private Money
  14. Rent-To-Own
  15. Retailing
  16. Selling Properties Quickly to Investors
  17. Subject-To Deals
  18. Taking Over Payments
  19. Wholesaling
  20. Selling Properties to Owner-Occupants
  21. And More ๐Ÿ™‚

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Generating Leads

  1. Teach you how to find deals, regardless of your budget by sharing my favorite FREE, CHEAP, and PAID marketing methods
  2. Set up a peronsalized marketing plan to Buy Houses just for you, and put a system in place to hold you accountable for it
  3. Provide over 17 Written Scripts to talk to Different Types of Sellers, in different situations
  4. Provide Proven Word-for-Word Marketing Materials for you such as: Postcards, Letters, Flyers, Wording for Your Bandit Signs, etc.
  5. Personally Go out in the Field with you to show you how to Hunt for Deals and find Potentially Motivated Sellers (if needed, as necessary)
  6. Teach you how to find the owners of vacant houses, step-by-step
  7. Teach you exactly where to get Bandit Signs, and Bandit Sign Accessories, both locally and online
  8. Personally Go out in the Field with you to show you where to put Bandit Signs if needed / as necessary
  9. Show you where to get the best lists for your Direct Mail marketing efforts
  10. Provide improved, targeted wording for Yellow Letter Marketing
  11. And much more !! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Pre-Screening Leads

  1. Give you my Special Form containing “Magic Words” to use every time you talk to a Seller, so you ALWAYS know what to ask them
  2. Provide a Catalog of Recorded Phone Calls with Sellers, so you can listen to the calls, and master the art of filling out the forms and GAIN CONFIDENCE, before you ever talk to your first Live Seller on the phone!
  3. Personally get on the phone and Call and Negotiate with Sellers FOR you, or do a 3-Way Call and talk to your Sellers WITH you
  4. Show you how to deal with Sellers pretending to be FSBO’s, that “secretly” have their properties listed with Realtors
  5. Give you my confidential, copyrighted spreadsheets for scientifically evaluating properties
  6. Show you how to evalutate properties for your investing business better than 99% of Realtors and Appraisers
  7. Show you how to determine what properties should rent for in almost any area, even if there aren’t any rentals around
  8. Provide my Inspection Checklists for you to Estimate Repairs on houses within minutes
  9. And More !! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Constructing Offers

  1. Reveal to you all my methods for controlling houses using NONE of your own money
  2. Confidentially disclose to you all of my methods for turning these houses into Quick Cash, Monthly Cash Flow, and/or Future Cash
  3. Teach you how to Construct “Win-Win” Purchase Offers that make YOU money, and make the Seller HAPPY
  4. Show you how to control millions of dollars worth of property, with nothing more than a 1-page piece of paper
  5. Show you how to make offers that have virtually NO RISK to you, while still obligating the Seller to do what you ask

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Presenting Offers

  1. Provide word-for-word scripts and letters to explain to Seller’s when your Offers are embarrassingly low
  2. Personally go out into the Field, and put your Sellers under contract FOR you
  3. Personally go out into the Field with you, and put your Buyers under contract FOR you
  4. Provide time-tested documents to put houses under contract.

    NOTE: An attorney would have to charge you thousands of dollars for these documents since they are paid by the hour. Also, the attorney documents wouldn’t be nearly as good as mine, since they get paid by the hour whether the documents are good or not. In other words, attorneys don’t buy houses for a living, but I do, so my documents have to be good, and they have to protect me, otherwise I would be out of business.

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Closing Quickly and Getting Paid

  1. Teach you how to execute my 22-Point Checklist for Wholesaling Houses that works whether the market is Hot, Normal, or Depressed
  2. Set up a peronsalized marketing plan to Sell Houses just for you, based on whatever Exit Strategy we choose, and put a system in place to hold you accountable for it
  3. Personally get on the phone and Call and Negotiate with Buyers for you, or do a 3-Way Call with you and your Buyers

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Raising Private Money

  1. Teach you How to Avoid Being at the Mercy of Banks to Borrow Money, by Raisinge Private Money from Private Individuals
  2. Provide step-by-step plans to raise “Private Money” from Private Individuals to Fund your deals, so you can pay CASH for properties
  3. Provide Scripts and Professional Presentations to Raise Private Money from People you Know
  4. Provide Scripts and Professional Presentations to Raise Private Money from People you Don’t Know
  5. Personally Meet with your potential Private Lenders face-to-face, and/or do 3-way calls, or teach you how to do group presentations to help you raise private money

Rehabbing Houses

  1. Teach you how to Estimate Repairs
  2. Teach you how to Develop your Scope of Work
  3. Teach you how to Find, Hire, and Deal With Repair Contractors from A to Z (as needed)

Property Management

  • Reveal my Top-Secret Property Management Techniques for Maximizing Cash Flow with Minimal Effort (as needed)
  • Entity Structuring

    • Provide consultation on Setting up LLCs, Corporations, and Land Trusts

    And Much, Much, More !!

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